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Resources and Research
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Oboe and Reeds

Being a carpenter is the hidden second job for an oboist. Here are some resources to learn about reed making, oboe care, resources for oboe repair, and a few Spotify links of recommended listening for students.

  • Reed-making web resources

  • Oboe care web resources

  • Link to Josef website

  • Other resources for oboe students (ask Elizabeth what was useful to her)

  • Spotify playlist of things students should listen to?


Here are some resources for improvisation, but presented on an oboist's website! I encourage you to experiment, listen, sound bad, and extend your ears and aural skills. Improvisation is a rewarding endeavor for all.

Music Reference

This is a curated list o​f of music and musicianship resources that would be appropriate for any instrument. These resources are primarily intended for use by my students and will aid in the areas of theory, musicianship, and history.



The world of oboe performance is thought to be fairly narrow in scope. Through my research into jazz, I discovered that this is not always the case. These resources have been curated to empower oboists who are curious and embolden programs to champion comprehensive musicianship for all instruments!

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